4 Dog-Friendly Experiences You Must Try This Fall (According to Lucifer)

With the temperatures dropping, leaves changing colour and Halloween decorations popping up all over town, there is no denying that fall is here. While we’re sad to see the summer coming to an end, Lucifer would like to remind everyone that fall can be a great time too!

If you’re feeling bummed out about the arrival of fall, check out these dog-friendly experiences for you and your pup to enjoy together.

dog sitting outside in fall leaves | 4 Dog-Friendly Experiences You Must Try This Fall (According to Lucifer)

Fall Camping

We’re big fans of camping and spending time outdoors. But there is something extra special about camping during the fall season.

Not only are you surrounded by the beautiful fall colours, but it’s also a great opportunity to embrace the tradition of sitting around the campfire. You can enjoy the warmth from the fire, tell ghost stories, and sing campfire songs – whatever screams fall vacation for the two of you.

If your dog is anything like me, then they LOVE basking in the warmth of the fire too.

Plus, the temperatures couldn’t be more enjoyable. It’s not too hot for dogs with big, thick, woolly coats. But it’s also not too cold for those with shorter coats that are more susceptible to the winter cold.

Longer Fall Hikes

Not only is it the perfect temperature for fall camping, but it’s also the best time (in our opinion) to head out on your favourite local trails.

During the hot summer sun, we often have to cut back on our outdoor adventures or strategically plan them in the early morning or late evening. But, during the cooler fall, we can head out at any time to enjoy the crisp air and beautiful views.

It’s also a great opportunity to enjoy a ‘sniffari’. Rummage through the leaves and explore the different scents that are hiding. Just make sure to watch out for potential dangers like acorns that are often seen at this time of year.

Baking Fall-Flavoured Snacks

Two of the most popular fall flavours also happen to be great choices for baking tail-wagging dog treats. Both apples and pumpkins are delicious and packed with nutritional value. So, why not embrace it and enjoy a day of baking together?

Make sure to remove the core and seeds of the apple, as they can be harmful.

Fresh pumpkin is always a great choice, especially if you are busy carving pumpkins. If you don’t have fresh pumpkin, be careful to choose pure canned pumpkin, not pumpkin pie filling. The spices used in pumpkin pie filling can be dangerous.

Some delicious recipes to try include:

Spooky Movie Marathons

Of course, the fall season means Halloween is just around the corner. For many, Halloween is associated with scary movies, and this is true in our house. So, why not plan a traditional spooky movie marathon to curl up on the couch and binge your favourites?

There is a good chance your dog isn’t going to get too excited by a movie. It’s what you do during the movie that they are going to enjoy most.

Pull out your most cozy blankets and create the perfect snuggle spot for you and your pup to curl up together. No movie night is complete without drinks and snacks. If you’ve been baking some apple or pumpkin treats, now is a great time to give your dog a taste.

Plain, air-popped popcorn is safe for your dog to enjoy in moderation. But avoid adding any toppings that could make them feel ill.  No extra butter (or butter at all, for that matter)!

What are your favourite dog-friendly activities during the fall season?

6 thoughts on “4 Dog-Friendly Experiences You Must Try This Fall (According to Lucifer)”

  1. I’m not sure if I can agree with you that autumn is a good time to go camping or that it there’s good weather for it. Although October’s are warmer than they used to be, the morning can still be quite cold. I can’t imagine how cold those mornings are while camping in a tent

    1. It’s not bad at all if you have the right gear and everything is set up properly. A cool weather tent will keep the body heat in, making it much nicer inside the tent than it is outside. If it does happen to be later in the season, or if it’s colder than usual, there are also tent heaters that can be used to take the chill off.

  2. I absolutely love fall (or autumn as we call it in the UK). My dog and I love going for long hikes at this time of year and taking in all the colours and the sounds of the season. We must try some autumnal baking! What a great idea!xxx

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