10 Things Your Rescue Dog Wants You to Know

If you’ve introduced a rescue dog into your family, congratulations! While this is an exciting time, it can also be a little challenging… even frustrating!

Those early days are busy, full of new experiences, getting to know one another and, of course, building relationships. After all, there are few relationships that are as close as the one that is shared between a dog and its owner.

Have you ever wondered what your dog would tell you if they could talk? You’re not alone!

To help give you a little insight into the mind of a rescue pup, Lucifer has put together this list of 10 things that your rescue dog wants you to know…

young puppy laying in bed | 10 Things Your Rescue Dog Wants You to Know

I Might Be Nervous at First

I know you’re excited to bring me home but try to remember that I am going through some major changes in my life. Everything I know has changed – I have a new home, new surroundings, and new family members. It’s a lot and for many rescue dogs, it’s overwhelming! I may be nervous and timid while I adjust to my new home.

I May Be Over-Excited

Are you getting frustrated because I’m a little jumpy or I have had a few accidents in the house when I got overly worked up? Try to remember that I have been through some difficult times lately including, possibly, being stuck in a kennel without the attention you’re now offering me. I’m excited to be part of your family and that excitement is sometimes a little too much… Please don’t get upset with me. I’m just REALLY happy to be with you now.

I Might Need Some Retraining

Even if you were told that I was trained when you adopted me, I may need a little retraining in the beginning. With all the changes in my life, I might slip back into some bad habits. The good news is that you can help teach me how you would like to behave with a little patience, understanding, and a lot of praise.

I Could Suffer from a Sick Stomach at First

If you notice that I’m not eating or if I show signs that I’m not feeling well the first day or two, try not to worry too much. All this change means a lot of anxiety and that may be upsetting my stomach. Try to be patient and help me settle by giving me a calm environment.

I May Hide at First

My first instinct may be to find a hiding place, and that’s okay! Don’t try to force me to come out or get upset that I’m not being the affectionate pup you’re looking forward to. I just want to feel safe while I assess my new surroundings. If you give me time, I’ll come out when I’m ready.

I Need You to Give Me a Little Space

It can be tempting to give me all your attention at first – holding me, petting me, not wanting to let me go. But I need you to give me the space that I need to adjust to my new surroundings and settle in. You’ve made the commitment to bring me home, so we have a lot of time to look forward to together.

It’s Possible That I Don’t Know How to Play

Did you spend money on the best toys only to find that I’m showing no interest even after I’ve adjusted to my new home? It may not be that I don’t want to play – I honestly may not know what to do with them. Depending on the situation I am coming from, this could be the first time I’ve ever seen a toy. Try to have fun with me as you teach me how to be a playful puppy and that it’s okay to embrace that side of myself.

I May Suffer from Separation Anxiety

After I’ve settled into my new home, it’s time to get used to our new routine. But I may struggle a little with separation anxiety when you first leave me home alone. Try to remember that someone left me already, that’s how I wound up at your house. I can’t help but worry about if you’re coming home. I can be taught to settle and trust you’ll be back but that could take time. Please be patient with me.

What messages do you think your rescue dog had for you? Let us know in the comments!

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